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Tech Amenity
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Faster Internet. Exclusively for The Melrose.

Coming Soon with Tech Amenity


Coming in April, Cottonwood Residential is offering its Tech Amenity program for residents of The Melrose. Download, binge watch, and get social – all faster than ever, at an extraordinary value!


New Tech Amenity: Our partner, Tech Amenity, provides their service to all our residents for only $60 per month. Service charges will be paid in addition to rent.
How to Enroll: You are signed up when you move in!



Top Speeds: Each apartment enjoys top of the line high-speed wireless and wired internet access, up to 300 Mbps download and upload speed.
Equipment: No modem or router required! Equipment is provided by Blue Rim Networks, your internet is ready when you move in.


What does the Tech Amenity service provide?

The Tech Amenity includes up to 300 Mbps wired and wireless internet.

What if I need a direct or hardline connection?

Your apartment home has one ethernet port. You can hardline in and enjoy speeds up to 300 Mbps.

When will the Wi-Fi be up and running?

The Wi-Fi will be up and running upon move in. You will create an account online, the management office will provide detailed instructions.

How do I sign on to the internet when I move in?

When you move in, Melrose will provide you with instructions to create your own unique username and password. Your username and password will be linked to your personal account and will allow you to log in to the new service. You will need to sign in one time on each device with your unique username and password.

When do I need to start paying the $60 Tech Amenity charge?

The $60 Tech Amenity charge will be paid in addition to your monthly rent.

Is the network secure?

Yes. When you sign into your network, only devices you register with your credentials will be authenticated and authorized to use the network. Devices in your personal group will be able to communicate with each other, but no other user on the network will be able to “see” your devices.

Can I add MAC addresses for my devices?

Yes. You will go to your property’s customer portal and sign into your account using your username and password. Under the “add device” section, you will type the MAC address of the device you want to add into the space and click “add”. If you need further assistance, you will be able to visit or call the 24/7 Support Line at 801-478-2060 to add any MAC addresses for devices on your VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network).

Will I be able to make VoIP calls with the Tech Amenity?

Yes, you can contract a VoIP service such as Vonage, Blue Rim Networks, or any other VoIP provider, and plug the device into the provided ethernet port to connect.




Feet of fiber installed